Wave Awards

We were awarded the Team Sustainability Award at the Northern Lights Regional!

Two weeks ago, we went to the 2023 Northern Lights Regional in Duluth Minnesota. While there we were recognized by the judges and were awarded one of the first Team Sustainability Awards. 

The Team Sustainability Award is given to teams who are recognized for building a strong, successful team that can sustain itself. This team knows how to manage, brainstorm, and create a long-term plan that will help their team be successful.

Wave has been around for over a decade now and has made many contributions to our community. We’ve done numerous outreach activities to get involved with others as well as annual events like the Outdoors Farmers Market, Waterfest, FLL Expo, as well as a STEM summer camp program!

We’re grateful to have gotten this award and with this new motivation we’ll make sure to keep pushing forwards towards new achievements!

Sustainability Award 2023.jpg