What are the alumni of Wave Robotics up to?

Our alumni are 

Attending college at...

Fox Valley Technical College

Johns Hopkins  University 

Michigan Technological University 
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Purdue University
Rockhurst University
University of North Dakota
University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
University of Wisconsin - Platteville
University of Wisconsin - Stout  
Military Service

Majoring in...

Air Traffic Control - Minor in Computer Programming 
Biomedical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Forensic Science & Chemistry
Industrial Technology Management  - Construction Management
International Business, Spanish, Accounting
Mechanical Engineering 

What do you remember most about your Wave Robotics experience?

"The hilarious time spent building the robot into the morning hours"

"Spending time with my dad to write the scouting program for the team, it was what made me interested in getting a programming minor."

"Going to championships my senior year and going to IRI senior year and winning it."

"First year going undefeated in MN."

"I will never forget all the great memories and friends I made while I was member of Wave Robotics."

"Being a part of everything and becoming who I am."