Wave at Northern Lights 2023

Wave attended the 2023 Northern Lights regional in Duluth, here’s how it went.

On Wednesday March 1 we went to the 2023 Northern Lights regional and came back on Saturday March 4. We were one of the first teams ever to win the new Team Sustainability award. We also won a team award from team Nicolet FEAR 4786 for most spirit, and a safety duck!

This is the first year that we fully ran our robot on our own swerve drive design and that helped attract people to come see our robot. Quite a few people were interested in our robot. The safety duck we got was a small token of acknowledgement from the FIRST safety inspectors for having a well-kept and safe pit. And although we ran into many issues with our robot overall, we managed to make every match we were in and fix most of the issues we encountered. 

Even if we didn’t do our greatest, there's still room for improvement! We managed to learn a lot from this event and come up with better and improved ideas for our robot. We are looking forward to our next regional at Seven Rivers!

Team awards 2023.jpg Safety Duck 2023.jpg

Robot Image NL 2023.jpg