Software Subteam Update

A recap on everything that the software subteam has learned during Fall 2020

The software subteam writes the software used to run the robot. In previous years, the software subteam created the programming for the short autonomous period at the start of a challenge.

This year, the software subteam is a mix of new and older students.

November 5, 2020

This was the first software subteam meeting.  They got started with the website ideone, a basic programming website.  They then started learning some basics of C++, like creating, identifying, and using variables.  They also started talking about how to use if/else statements and comparisons.

November 12, 2020

During this meeting, they learned skills like compiling code, finding and fixing errors, how the inputs affect the outputs, and more about if/else statements. This helped them learn how to write basic working code. They also got a little more in-depth with learning how to write functions and create classes.

November 19, 2020

This was the third meeting, and also the first limited in-person meeting. They worked more on classes, if/else statements, and also learning more ways to use variables. They learned that even if the idea for the code sounded simple, it still is pretty complex because one thing just builds on the next in order to complete the simple task. You may need to create the variables, create functions, and then compare the outputs. They also took a look at the robot from the past year.

December 3, 2020

They first downloaded the software they use to program the robot. Then they learned about programming the motors for the robot, and what PHD loops do. They also talked about coding for the arms and legs, and also the wheels.

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Image: "New Coding Language" by Matrixizationized is licensed under CC BY 2.0