Weekly Team Meeting - March 2, 2021

Subteam updates after the full team meeting on March 2.

The season is underway and team members are finally able to meet in-person with limited numbers as well as virtually.  Everyone has been hard at work and making much progress.  Here are some of the things each subteam has been working on for the past week!

Mondays - Marketing & Website Subteam

  • They created a logo for the Ripple rookie team and choose a t-shit color (lime green). After build season, they can learn how to make their own shirts and hats, etc.
  • The Flickr account email is now [email protected], and the login is now saved in 1Password.
  • Members of the “Marketing Students” group can add and publish blog posts on the website and will publish weekly blog posts containing the full team report from Tuesday evenings.
  • They found out that there are TWO Twitter accounts for the team, so they will track down the login for the “waverobotics” account (they have the login for the “frc2826wave” account).
  • Discussed how to upload photos to our Flickr account from some shared Google Photo albums they were given access to.

Tuesdays - Chairman's Subteam

  • 2/23 Submitted Chairman’s essay and separate essay questions.
  • In the process of writing a script for the Chairman's video.

Wednesdays - CAD / Product Integration Subteam

  • They have been working on designing a hopper for the robot.
  • They changed the design of the tower to fix the ball jamming issue.

Thursdays - Software Subteam

  • They transitioned into the Skills Challenge.
  • Updated the 2020 code to be used in the 2021 development tools.
  • Updated the roboRIO and the radio to the 2021 images.

Thursdays - Skills Challenge

  • They worked on the hopper.
  • Replaced some rivets after removing some parts.
  • Centered a belt and decided how to prevent the belt from slipping off. This will require enlarging a hole in a polycarbonate piece and reprinting a new belt drive piece so it is flanged.

Saturdays - Ripple Robotics 8518

  • They attached the bottom support beam and the battery mount and drew out some outlines on some plates.
  • They used a horizontal band saw to cut the churros to the right length for the support beam.
  • They received the final vote for our logo and t-shirt color! 

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