Weekly Team Meeting, March 16, 2021

Here is an update from this week's meeting.


  • We will be looking into the pros/cons of using Google Photos vs Flickr and either service's capabilities on the website
  • Update on thank you notes: Ann Marie has sent them to the printer. The next step is to get them to students to sign, then send them to sponsors/donors
  • Next steps for the t-shirt: we’re looking to receive T-shirt samples this Saturday. We will decide on a shirt to go with for Ripple


  • Discussed moving the remaining items out of Tipler. We will need helping hands. Try for Tuesday, April 6, 5-8 pm. Amy will create a form to ask in Slack. Will need 4 people minimum. Need to bring tools.
  • Discussed disposing of metals and electronics at North (Sadoff trailer)
  • Moving things away from the walls at North, on March 26


  • Worked on implementing stall detection for the shooter wheel to help protect the shooter motors when balls get stuck in the shooter


  • We talked with Connie about t-shirt options, along with design aspects.
  • We found all of the parts needed for the robot arms and also found that some parts had been cut wrong.
  • Some team members also learned to weld.