Wave Robotics

K-12 STEM Programs

FRC Robots and Awards

2016 - Quickstrike

Finalists: North Star Regional

Excellence in Engineering: North Star Regional

Quality Award: Wisconsin Regional

2015 - DepthCharge

World Finalists:  Championships

Division Winners:  Championships

Excellence in Engineering:  Championships

Chairman's Award:  North Star Regional

Winners:  North Star Regional

Winners: Wisconsin Regional

Woodie Flowers Finalist (Bill Goral):  Wisconsin Regional

Excellence in Engineering:  

Wisconsin Regional

Finalists:  Indiana Robotics Invitational

2014 - Charybdis

Finalist: Northern Lights Regional

Quality Award:  Northern Lights Regional

Imagery Award: Northern Lights Regional

Dean's List Finalist  Melissa D: Northern Lights Regional 

Industrial Design Award:  Wisconsin Regional 

2013 - Landshark Mk. V

Chairman's Award:  Northern Lights Regional 

Finalist: Northern Lights Regional

Finalist:  Wisconsin Regional

Quality Award: Wisconsin Regional

2012 - Landshark Mk. IV

Division Finalist: #1 Seed; Undefeated in Qualification Matches: Championships

Winners: Wisconsin Regional

Engineering Excellence Award: Wisconsin Regional

Volunteer of the Year Award (Tyler Olds): Wisconsin Regional

Finalists: Lake Superior Regional

Imagery Award: Lake Superior Regional

Champion:  Indiana Robotics Invitational 

2011 Landshark Mk. III

Division Finalists: Championships 

Winners: Wisconsin Regional

Finalists: Midwest Regional

Creativity Award (for Drive System): Midwest Regional

- Landshark Mk. II

Imagery Award: Wisconsin Regional

Creativity Award (for Drive/Suspension System): Minnesota-10,000 Lakes Regional

2009 - Landshark

Rookie All-Star Award: Wisconsin Regional

Rookie All-Star Award: Minnesota-10,000 Lakes Regional

Winners: Minnesota-10,000 Lakes Regional

Xerox Creativity Award (for Drive System): Minnesota-10,000 Lakes Regional

Highest Rookie Seed Award: Minnesota-10,000 Lakes Regional

Underwriters Laboratories Industrial Safety Nomination: Minnesota-10,000 Lakes Regional